Regular marble has exceptional and wonderful veins which make it well known in home stylistic layout. Marble has an enormous choice of shadings so it is not difficult to coordinate with the general climate. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you look nearer to the marble surface, you will track down some little pops which make marble items delicate after utilized for a while. Oil or earth will in general enter the pop effectively which is extremely difficult to dispose of and is a spot to create microorganisms. So we propose do not introduce marble in the corrosive and antacid climate like kitchen.


Rock includes high thickness and hardness, wear-safe and corrosive/antacid safe, so it is anything but an optimal material for kitchen ledges or work tops. Earth or synthetic substances are hard to enter stone because of its high thickness and wear-safe property. Be that as it may, the rock has length limit in creation, so it is anything but conceivable to make a kitchen ledge in one piece, which implies it has creases. On the off chance that the creases are not dealt with as expected, the soil or compound can enter the creases where microscopic organisms may deliver. So we recommend recruiting qualified laborers to introduce the ledge or work top.

Hardened steel

Hardened steel kitchen ledges have an advanced and popular look. The surface is brilliant and clean-looking. There is no spot on a ledge to conceal microorganisms, so it is the best enemies of microbe’s material among the six ledge material we present in this article. The impediment is that the outside of the hardened steel is not difficult to scratch and the scratch cannot be reestablished. So we need to focus when cleaning a tempered steel ledge.


A few groups like wood ledges since they are normal and have interesting page. Wood ledges are light weight and DIY amicable, so individuals like to do it without anyone else’s help. Be that as it may, the wood surface is not wear-safe and not corrosive/soluble base safe. The creases between each piece are hard to control and when water gets inside the wood, it will get form and be debased. So it is anything but as tough being used as other material.

Fired tile

Earthenware tile is a sort of man-made material, so the shading, veins and examples can be made indistinguishable. The ceramic tile is extremely slender and light weight contrasting with regular stone tile, so we do not have to build up the base. The fired tile is tough being used and furthermore genuinely financial. Be that as it may, it is not difficult to broken when hit or putting hot or cold stuff on it. And furthermore the creases between each tile are difficult to clean.