Need a complete knee replacement and its options?

The information provided below is intended to educate the patient about the choices available to knee replacement candidates. Finally your physician will make these choices. Your physician should explain to you that knee replacement is ideal for you and why. When a surgeon Considers a patient for a complete knee replacement, she takes into consideration the patient’s age, lifestyle, and damage to the joint Moreover, a surgeon’s choice to use one process over another, or one kind of augmentation over another, frequently depends upon that surgeon’s instruction and clinical situation. Nevertheless, we suggest that you research your choices so you can intelligently discuss with your physician what approach will be most appropriate for you.

What happens in knee replacement surgery?

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Nearly all knee replacements are usually cemented into place. This is one option you may ask your physician about. What sort of fixation are you going to use to maintain my knee in place? Sometimes the Deterioration of the knee joint is such that total knee replacement may be prevented and your physician may suggest knee replacement surgery cost in singapore resurfacing or partly replacing elements of your arthritic knee. Maintaining healthy bone stock is particularly important to younger and more active people. In the previous section of this report, we will talk about when a whole knee replacement might not be necessary.

What are the different Kinds of implants?

The plastic bearing in your new knee joint will either be fixed or mobile-bearing. It follows that the polyethylene insert is clicked on a stationary platform fixed or ready to move to a rotating metal base mobile. If you are younger, more active or overweight, sometimes a physician may suggest a mobile-bearing or a rotating platform knee replacement intended for possibly longer performance with less wear.