Are you searching for the finest durian black gold fruit in Singapore?

Actually, the durian fruit looks in the oval shape, light green color and sometimes it will be also in ash brown in color where it has the short and thick spines which resembles like the pyramid. In the bottom side of the durian fruit looks the tale sign and this area of the fruit is found to be in the brownish discoloration which looks like the starfish hanging inside the durian fruit. At the other side of the fruit you can see the spike less ring at the base of the tale sign where this gives you the beautiful look.

The taste and aroma of the fruit attracts most of the people to taste for at least one time in their life. If you are lover of sweet and bitter combination then the durian is found to be the best choice of fruit which you love the most. Durian Black gold is found to be the king of the durian fruits where it gives you the pleasant aroma and taste that makes your taste buds wondering to have this once again in your life. The flesh of the durian fruit is of fluorescent yellow in color, deep butterfly and you will be having a very sweet, rich and sometimes it provides the bitter flavor.

Factors on which the quality of the durian fruit depends

There are number of factors on which the quality of the durian black gold fruit can be measured where it mainly depends on the type of the plantation you does and on the weather condition in which you does the plantation. Once if you are having the proper weather condition and follow the necessary plantation methods then you can make the plenty of durian fruit tree at your garden area also you can taste the garden fresh durian fruit.