Stressed Out? Join a Yoga Retreat!

A couple of months ago I made a decision to give myself an hour of either workout or meditation every single no matter how tight my schedule is, and honestly that was the best I have made in a very long time, more than anything else I feel fresh and productive, however a couple of days into my one hour workout/meditation time I realized that a lot physical activity may prove to be very good for my body and even mind as well, but I need something which detaches me from everything and puts me in a very soothing place for at least a couple of minutes, and I couldn’t get that from anything other than yoga, it is such a relaxing thing to do, peaceful, quiet and rejuvenating, it helps me get my senses back.

Yoga Class

After a couple of months of regular yoga, I grew really fond of it and started to research about it and wanted to learn more about it, and my search brought me to Marianne Wells Yoga School, and I was lucky enough to find at a very early stage and thank goodness I didn’t fall prey to just any one who claims to be an online yoga teacher, so Marianne Wells did for us was amazing because her experience was crucial for us in learning more about Ayurveda lifestyle which is a holistic approach to life, this is an ancient belief which applies to a lot of yoga principles and that when combined with modern yoga stretch poses gives us great results, and that was it, it made us realize that this is not just any exercise but a way of life, and since then I have been to a couple of yoga retreats as well and had the best time